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Over the last two decades, the game of golf has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, as well as remarkable changes in the way players at the highest level prepare for competition.

Now more than ever, players must possess the precise mechanics, athleticism and training needed to remain competitive on the course, and to play at a level of performance well beyond what was once the norm.

By taking part in TPI Athlete Programs—those offered by a TPI-certified and trained professional—players of all skill levels have the opportunity not just to improve and refine their swings like never before, but to realize the lower scores and consistency they’ve always dreamt of.

A Level 2 TPI-certified professional, Dr. Bryce Arndt is proud to offer golfers, from beginning to pro, the one-on-one advice, guidance and instruction needed to elevate their game, and to play their best golf every time they visit the course.

Baymeadows Injury & Wellness’s TPI-certified pro

As a Jacksonville, FL, TPI-certified professional, Dr. Arndt understands the unique demands placed on the modern-day player, as well as how to determine what each player needs to achieve and maintain that ever-so-crucial competitive edge. Dr. Arndt utilizes his training takes a closer look at those elements that play such an important role in swing mechanics, and to build each player a customized plan for reaching their next-level potential.

With TPI Athlete Programs through Dr. Arndt, you too have the opportunity to reach a higher level of performance.

TPI: Elevating athletic performance

TPI Athlete Programs—those developed by the Titleist Performance Institute—provide golfers a proven and effective way to elevate performance, regardless of their level of skill or experience.

Built on the study of thousands of golfers, including players of all ages, sizes, shapes and fitness levels, TPI programs help players to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and to build a plan for addressing and correcting any extant issues in their game. In demand and trusted by numerous professional golfers, TPI athlete programs provide the one-on-one instruction needed to improve mechanics, build better swings and reduce the possibility of incurring a golf-related injury.

TPI-certified professionals like Jacksonville’s Dr. Arndt have received extensive training in those elements that affect the player’s swing, as well as the fitness and conditioning techniques that can better prepare the player for the game’s competitive demands.

Such professionals are knowledgeable not just in the mechanics behind a successful swing, but in the factors which can impact the player’s game, such as physical fitness, biomechanics, quality of movement, personal health and more.

TPI expertise you can trust

TPI athlete programs are proven to work, and have been utilized by some of the best players now on the PGA Tour. When you choose TPI-certified professional Dr. Bryce Arndt to elevate your game, you’re taking an important first step toward an entirely new level of on-the-course performance. Equipped with a Level 2 TPI Certification and a lifelong passion for helping people, Dr. Arndt has the motivation and expertise needed to put your game on the right track.

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