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Whether you injured your back by playing sports or in an automobile accident, our caring team will work hard to help lower or eliminate your pain to get you back in the swing of life. Our chiropractor treats various degrees of chiropractic injuries with a compassionate and expert approach. We use the most trusted and most innovative treatment options to help your pain subside, from the diversified technique, which is the most commonly used treatment, to an activator, one of the most researched techniques in the chiropractic field today. Our chiropractor will take excellent care of you or your loved one and will listen to your back issues with an attentive ear to find the best approach for you.

Our treatment methods

Diversified technique

This technique is the one most commonly used by a chiropractor on most of his or her patients. It takes the typical high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust approach, and it is most effective in restoring proper function and movement of the spine and muscles, as well as helping with alignment.


This technique employs the use of a handheld tool backed by clinical trials. The activator is excellent for targeting small problem areas, and it works by sending a gentle impulse force into the targeted joint section of the spine or the vertebrae to restore function.

Gonstead technique

The Gonstead technique allows us to take a more detailed look into the status of your spine to discover the root of your pain. It takes a closer look at the structure of your spine through various criteria and tests, including X-rays, and then it works to end the pain through gentle, targeted manipulation of the spine. It is most often used to locate pinched nerves in the spine due to misalignment, after which the chiropractor follows the technique to realign the spinal segments that need it.

SOT pelvic blocking

This method of treatment targets subluxations—more commonly known as partial dislocations—that cause pain. The sacro-occipital technique (SOT) pelvic blocking method works by using your own breathing and posture, with a bit of help from strategically placed tools or blocks, to realign the bones in a natural, gentle way, helping to lessen pain in the pelvic and lower back region.

Table drop

Also known as the Thompson table drop technique, this method involves the use of a segmented chair. The chair, or table, moves to allow gravity to assist the chiropractor in making manual adjustments. After the manual adjustment is done to your spine by the chiropractor, the chair drops to let gravity help further. This leads to a less forceful and uncomfortable spinal treatment.

Trust us with your care

Our chiropractor and chiropractic team will work hard with the expertise and knowledge they’ve gained through more than a decade of experience to help you get back to your normal life again. Spinal and back pain can be debilitating and severe, and we know how much it affects your ability to live life the way you want to—and the way you deserve to. We take your spinal care seriously, and our chiropractor will give you the best course of treatment to correct your spinal injuries as effectively, painlessly, and quickly as possible.

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