Back Pain Chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL

Back pain is a serious issue that affects millions of Americans across all backgrounds, ages, and lifestyles. Chronic and acute back pain can be caused from injuries or from natural aging, when the bones and muscles have to work harder than they did before. Baymeadows Injury & Wellness offers a broad range of medical procedures and practices to help alleviate or even eliminate your back pain. Our focus is on your complete health, both now and in the future, so once we have your current pain level under control, we will make a plan to help prevent further back pain and issues from developing.

Back Pain Chiropractor in Jacksonville

Causes and treatments of back pain

Here are some of the most common causes of back pain and what we can do to help them:

Sprains and strains

These can occur either from sports or normal daily activities. When a muscle is sprained or strained, sometimes rest is not enough to relieve the pain and heal the problem. Our team can use massage and acupuncture to relieve swelling and inflammation while gently working the muscle so it does not lay dormant for too long. For more severe sprains or strains, we can also employ light physical therapy if needed to help you further recover and strengthen the muscles so the strain is less likely to happen again.

Compression or pinching of a spinal nerve root

Depending upon the severity of your compressed nerve, our Jacksonville, FL, team at Baymeadows Injury & Wellness will treat it with the method that is most effective for your particular injury. Massage and acupuncture can alleviate the inflammation and swelling through stimulated blood flow, reducing back pain, and it helps to relax the muscles, as well. Our warm and inviting office also offers physical therapy, so we can help you strengthen your back and learn how to do activities more safely without further aggravating the issue.

Herniated disk

Herniated disks can be serious, but not all of them require surgical intervention. Our team will use physical therapy to strengthen your muscles, along with massage or acupuncture to reduce inflammation and pain. In addition, if needed, our wonderful chiropractor can help treat your herniated disk with gentle adjustments to ease your back pain.

Degenerative disc disease

Degenerative disk disease refers to the wear and tear of the spine over time. It can be treated with several methods of care that we offer, such as therapeutic ultrasounds, which lower inflammation. We can also treat DDD with physical therapy, as well as massage and acupuncture to build muscle strength and help alleviate back pain and swelling. Our chiropractor can also perform manipulation and adjustments to help ease your pain.

Natural aging

Massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, and chiropractic services can all benefit a back that has done a lot of work. Massage and acupuncture will reduce inflammation through stimulated blood flow—which will also help with your back pain—with the added benefit of being relaxing for you. Physical therapy will help strengthen your back and teach you the safest way to perform activities you may struggle with, while our chiropractor can make gentle and safe adjustments to restore function and mobility while reducing your pain.

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