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At Injury and Wellness Centers, we offer a wide
range of medical services for your convenience.

accident treatment

Auto Accident Injuries and Treatments

 If you have been involved in an auto accident, you may be experiencing painful symptoms resulting from damage to your body. We provide treatments that are designed to help patients recover and feel better.

Chiropractic Care

 Using a variety of techniques, our chiropractor provides medical care that is specialized to meet your individual needs. With over 10 years of experience, our doctor has learned to use a spectrum of modalities when addressing areas of needs.

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Back Pain

 Back pain affects millions of Americans per year. Injury and Wellness Centers, we understand the importance of finding a solution for your back pain, as it overwhelms your day to day life.

Functional Medicine

 Medical treatment or practice that targets optimal functioning
of both the body and internal organs, involving holistic and/or
alternative medicines.

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Joint Pain

 Joint pain can be caused by a variety of ailments and injuries. From arthritis and gout to sprains and strains, we can provide you with treatment that can help you feel more comfortable.

Physical Therapy

 Our spacious and welcoming medical office is the perfect
place to begin your road to recovery. We offer a variety of
rehabilitation equipment to best fit your personal needs.

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Medical Acupuncture and Massage

 By using dry needle techniques and Chinese methods, we apply acupuncture needles to the area of need. Acupuncture helps stimulate blood flow, helping inflammation and pain.

Physical Medicine

 We provide an array of therapies to best serve your medical
needs. Therapies that we offer include muscle stimulation,
therapeutic ultrasound, and cervical spine traction.

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TPI Athlete Program

 Through this program, we help our
athletes reach their peak performance


Non-invasive slimming technology
to help you shape the body you want.
Make Every Body Proud.


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Integrated Medical Clinic In Jacksonville, FL.


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