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Medical Acupuncture & Massage Therapy In Jacksonville

In order to best support all of your pain management needs, we provide medical acupuncture and massage therapy at our medical office. At Injury and Wellness Centers, we believe in providing medical care that is comprehensive and sensitive you each patient’s needs. Our acupuncture techniques are grounded in traditional Chinese methods that have been around for thousands of years. We use the dry needle technique that rarely leads to blood being drawn while keeping discomfort to a minimum. The needles are placed intentionally into a system of pathways on your body that connect various parts of your nerves, leading to blood stimulation which helps alleviate inflammation.

Finding the Best Solution for You

Some things to expect when receiving acupuncture include:

  • Sessions last about 20 minutes

  • You will be lying down either face-up or face down

  • Due to the calming nature, you will most likely want to take a nap, which we encourage

To schedule an acupuncture appointment or massage, you can reach out to us at (904) 683-6924.

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