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At Injury & Wellness Centers, comprehensive, individualized care is at the core of everything we do. We understand how crucial it is addressing those symptoms affecting each patient’s health, wellness and happiness, and that the best way to provide effective treatment is by developing a more complete picture of those underlying systems, causes and interactions playing a role in their ailment.

Functional Medicine Techniques

Through the use of functional medicine techniques and an ongoing commitment to comprehensive care, we have the opportunity to not only identify the root causes of each patient’s discomfort and pain, but to work with the patient to develop the treatment plan which will most effectively address, mitigate and eliminate their symptoms in the long term.

We are firm in our commitment to the functional medicine approach, a comprehensive and effective methodology that helps to identify those factors behind a patient’s symptoms, as well as to make the patient a more active participant in the treatment process.

A Jacksonville, FL, leader in functional medicine, we look to get to the bottom of your symptoms, and to provide you the treatment options you need to achieve the pain-free lifestyle you deserve.

What exactly is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to diagnosis, a method that considers the individual patient’s environment, lifestyle and genetics as factors which could be contributing to the illness or condition.

This individualized approach is built on the idea that every symptom a patient is experiencing may be just one of many behind the patient’s illness. In other words, a patient’s diagnosis may be the result of multiple causes at once, all of which must be properly identified in order to address and mitigate effectively.

The manifestation of each cause often depends on more than one factor, including any combination of the individual’s genetic background, daily routine and even where they live. Without taking a “big picture” look at every cause behind a symptom as well as how they interact, it is nearly impossible to derive a treatment that will alleviate the illness, at least beyond mere suppression of the symptom.

A more complete picture of health and wellness

By taking a step back to and examining every potential cause of a symptom, the functional medicine professional can develop a more complete story of the patient’s health and wellness. Once seen through the lens of the patient’s family, social, personal and medical histories, a connection between cause and symptom can be better established, providing the opportunity to more effectively address the issue at its very core.

Our functional medicine professionals in Jacksonville believe you deserve to know not only what is causing your illness, but to have the information and treatment plan you need to achieve the best outcome possible.

Jacksonville wellness professionals you can trust

Injury & Wellness Centers is your Jacksonville, FL, source for the best in comprehensive holistic care options.

As experts in functional medicine techniques and science-based nutrition, we have a passion for determining those causes directly affecting your health and wellbeing, as well as to building you the comprehensive treatment plan that most effectively addresses those causes while restoring your health. To learn more, call us today at (904) 683-6924.

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