Auto Accident FAQs

Auto Car Accidents Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is there some kind of a timeline for getting treatment?
A: Yes!! The most crucial part to understand is that you have 14 days from the date of accident to get checked out by ANY healthcare provider. This can be a Chiropractor, MD, Emergency room, or even a paramedic at the scene, to name a few.

Q: What happens if I didn’t make it somewhere to get examined in the 14 day window?
A: You can still seek care, however, you will not qualify for the PIP coverage that automatically pays $10,000 in bills. Without the PIP your coverage is limited and you may need an attorney to manage your case and negotiate your bills.

Q: Do I need an attorney? What if I don’t want to file a suit?
A: We highly recommend attorneys often to ensure your rights are explained and protected. The attorney is not filing a personal suit on the other party, but simply accessing your benefits through insurances. They will ensure your bills get appropriately taken care of, and in many cases get lost wages recouped, paid mileage to appointments, and often recover pain and suffering compensation for you.

Q: Will treatment raise my insurance premium rates?
A: Absolutely not! In fact, it is illegal for your rates to rise as a result of seeking medical attention. People often get confused when there is a property damage claim filed (ie. to fix your car). This particular claim is where your insurance may choose to adjust your rates in response to the property claim, but not the medical portion.

Important note: Our office is not affiliated with any attorney or attorney group, however, upon request we can advise you on offices we have worked in conjunction on a past case and would recommend. We also disclose that we are in no way giving legal council or advise. The above general information can be found in the Florida laws and statutes, and each person’s situation may vary on a case by case basis. We recommend you seek an attorney to give you legal advice, and discuss whether you would benefit from their council.

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